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What Makes a Learning Environment Shine?

February 16, 2022

The environment in which your child learns is the most important part of their learning journey. At our toddler daycare, it’s vital that your child is in a safe, functional yet fun space where he or she is encouraged to grow. The learning environment doesn’t just include the physical surroundings, it also includes the people in the environment and the child’s growth at home. Keep reading for a detailed breakdown on how our learning environment is all around us.

What Defines a Learning Environment?

A learning environment is a space that encourages and facilitates optimal learning. Several key features must be present in a learning environment to make it a productive space for children.

The Indoor Spaces

An indoor space needs to be bright, functional and designed with safety in mind. Ideally it will get your child excited for learning while still being a functional space. An indoor space needs to be well organised but it should still have an element of fun to provide the wonder and excitement that your child needs.

Indoor spaces should provide the means for all types of learning and play. For example, having rooms designated specifically for quiet time, as well as rooms where children can let loose and be noisy is a way in which our toddler daycare can cover different types of learning/play styles. At Kiddywinkles, we provide this as part of our clean, bright, temperature controlled rooms, creating a space where your child feels comfortable.

Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor spaces should encourage active and creative play. A good outdoor learning space has the facilities for children to test out new active skills and games, all while being in a safe environment.

Playgrounds, jungle gyms and sandpits are just a few examples of the way that outdoor learning can be implemented. Kiddywinkles provides these items, and we’ve designed our outdoor spaces with safety in mind. We’ve added elements such as sunshade and padding, which allow your child to safely take risks and explore.

The People Who Occupy These Spaces

Perhaps the most important aspect of the learning space is the people within it. Our trained staff enrich the daycare experience and foster an environment that encourages your child to grow. Our staff are always there to interact and supervise children. You can be confident that the people around your child have the child’s best interests at heart and treat all children with respect and kindness.

Fostering Curiosity

We take for granted as adults the curious nature of objects in our day-to-day environment; however, children are still very much capable of marvelling at the wonders around them. The key to learning is allowing children to act on their curiosities and find things out for themselves.

Having the space, equipment and people to foster curiosity is of the highest importance. Kiddywinkles ensures clean, functional and fun equipment and spaces for your child to explore. We also have trained staff who conduct both structured exercises as well as observe uninterrupted play time to ensure children can explore their curiosities.

At Kiddywinkles, we take pride in ensuring every child is able to explore and express themselves. This makes all the difference in your child's learning as he or she discovers how to find and communicate new information.

Extending the Learning Environment Beyond the Home

Considering the amount of time your child spends at daycare, it’s important that you be confident that the learning that our child care provides extends far beyond the daycare centre and the home. We support your child to forge his or her own path, create and explore.

A dedicated learning environment becomes an extension of our learning. So what can Kiddywinkles do for you?

Kiddywinkles’ learning spaces are top-quality childcare facilities that allow your child to grow, play and learn. From the indoor space to the outdoor, and everyone we choose to care for your child, Kiddywinkles offers the highest quality daycare facilities and staff for your child’s early learning environment.

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