Our programmes
Every moment of every day, your child is learning. We make sure they can build on these experiences through both play and intentional learning in a safe and supportive space.
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Inspiring life-long learning

The first five years of your child’s life are fundamentally important - around 90% of their brain is developed by age five. To put in place the foundations for life-long learning, our curriculum is based on Te Whariki – The Early Childhood Curriculum’s (Ministry of Education) five strands of learning and development: 

  • Well-Being: health and well-being of children is protected and nurtured
  • Belonging: children and families feel a sense of belonging
  • Contribution: learning is equitable, and each child’s contribution is valued
  • Exploration: children learn through active exploration of the environment.

Bringing learning to life

Intentional learning activities, uninterrupted free play time and collaborative activities are all a part of your child’s developmental journey here at Kiddywinkles. Through their own experiences and interactions they learn to solve problems, process emotions, use their creative mind and connect and communicate with peers.

To do this, we encourage a range of activities that build on their physical and cognitive skills daily, including:

  • Books, storytelling, language/literacy games, music and movement, dancing and puppets
  • Family and dramatic play, dress ups and props
  • Creative play: play dough, clay, painting, art and collage
  • Manipulative play: blocks, puzzles, threading, construction sets
  • Physical play: running, ball games, balancing and climbing equipment, sandpit
  • Exploratory play: water, sand, science and nature, learning about the living world, natural materials
  • Constructive play: carpentry and junk play
  • Cognitive games: such as maths games

All children contribute to their environment,and the structure of their day. As such, our programmes are designed to flex and change to align with their interests and discoveries.

Designed with
development in mind

Our bright, spacious and open centre has rooms that cater to the specific requirements of developing age groups. Designed for both fun and functionality, each room flows from interactive indoor spaces to safe, sheltered and sun-protected outdoor play areas.

Time your visit right, and wafts of fresh baking will fill the air! We have a kitchen specifically for our under-2s room, as well as a larger fully operational kitchen where our on-site cook prepares fresh, healthy meals to nourish busy bodies and minds.

Your child will be captivated by the many interactive resources and activities, the huge canopy-covered sandpit and the large play area where they have the space to interact with peers. But we know that, as a parent, you’ll also notice the other details that make all the difference - the temperature controlled rooms, the large natural-light-filled spaces, the private all-weather play area (sheltered from public view), clean facilities and engaging, attentive staff.

To ensure that each child continues to master new skills and make sense of their expanding world, we have four rooms to cater to different age groups: infants and babies, toddlers, and pre-school rooms.

Infants & Babies

Arohanui, (Maori for‘love’), our room for under-twos, is where babies and toddlers can safely develop their motor, language and thinking skills. It is a joy to see these young infants discover and delight in the world around them and our qualified team consider it a privilege to contribute to their early learning and development. In prioritising high-quality interactions with each child, we ensure a minimum ratio of 1 teacher for every 4 babies.

Toddlers Rooms

The Waiata room (Maori for song)  for two-year-olds is a flexible space with multiple age-appropriate challenges and learning opportunities. Children may transition from our infants’ room, or new children may join us around age 2. This is a space that caters to your growing child’s increasing curiosity and desire for independence. It’s a wonderful time of discovery as they achieve new milestones, however this can also bring frustration as they test the limits of their physical skills. In a loving, supportive environment, your child is given the space and encouragement they need to learn and practice as they encounter new things in the world around them, every day.

Pre-School Rooms

From around age 3, your child will join our preschool rooms. Here, they are given space to explore their increasing independence around routines and activities, more meaningful social interactions and desire to seek more information and skills. In Wairua, (Maori for the spirit or soul) our room for three-year-olds, space and equipment assists learning of increasingly-complex concepts and skills. For four-year-olds, our Korero room (Maori for conversation) helps to lay a foundation for quick success at primary school. We consider each child’s readiness to ensure the timing of this transition is right for them.

Transition to school

We ensure that our transition to school programme is the springboard your child needs to comfortably move from preschool to school with both confidence and competence. Those preparing for school are engaged with activities that encourage pre-numeracy, pre-literacy, science and technology, social skills, problem solving and concentration. It’s exciting for us to see these children ready to take on a wider world of discovery!

& Special Needs

Kiddywinkles is an inclusive and respectful space where we want every child to feel proud of their unique place in the world. If your child has any additional needs, let us know, and we can discuss how we can best accommodate them.