Kiddywinkles is a place of fun and connection, where our qualified team offer your child a rich environment that supports and inspires a love of learning.

Where bright beginnings take shape

From the moment you step through our gate, you’ll get a sense that there’s something special about Kiddywinkles. You’ll see it in the smiles of our long-standing team. You’ll see it in the beautiful connections between the children and their teachers. You’ll see it in the celebration of creativity that covers our centre’s walls. And you’ll see it in the faces of kids who are confidently discovering their place in the world alongside new friends and a caring community of staff. Kiddywinkles is a purpose-built facility. Within the walls of our safe, private facilities is an inclusive, welcoming and creative space where your child can explore their sense of wonder, develop interpersonal skills and fall in love with learning. The families we welcome here are just as much a part of shaping this culture - and we’d love to have you join us.

What people say about us

This is my 2yr old sons daycare and he absolutely thrives here. He has recently moved up to the next class up and his vocabulary among other things has improved so much! The teachers here are amazing and do an awesome job with the kids teaching them the skills they need for the future!

Amanda Drysadale

Best in the town ♥️♥️ it's been a year my baby going there. She loves her daycare!!! all the teachers are so helpful and lovely ...the new owner is amazingly friendly and they always smile. that makes me feel very comfortable.very happy about everything so far.!!

Zarrin Tasnim

Nice facility, friendly teachers and management, convenient hours (7:00-18:00). My daughter loves it at Kiddywinkles!

Elena Mezentseva

Such an amazing environment for children to learn and grow in. Staff are friendly and always take time to tell you about your child's day and their little milestones. I love the personal touch they put in. Highly recommended them.

Jenna Leigh Paton

I highly recommend Kiddywinkles being a single mom of three boys. My all children been in the centre, elder two now in the school. I started the association with the centre one year ago.
If you decided to join the centre, you are chosen....because you don't need to tell them anything, they can read your mind

Rajeswary Padmajan

Awesome place

Daniel Zhao

Welcome Taajwin to KiddyWinkles! Gives us a warm feeling that our son will be going from one home to another home!!!

Jimmy Singh

Our philosophy

The way we see it, open-ended play brings endless opportunities for discovery and learning. Our approach aligns with the principles of Reggio Emilia and the Magda Gerba, Resources for Infant Educators(RIE) approach.

For us, it’s less of an educational framework, and more of a set of values that guide our approach in helping your child discover and embrace their potential.

To do that, we encourage children to explore their innate sense of curiosity by interacting with their surrounds, to find their own voice and express themselves, and to learn and grow through their relationships with others.

Here, children are active participants in shaping their own curriculum, and we acknowledge that we’re learning from them too. This unique reciprocal relationship means that while we ask questions and inspire ideas, we respect your child’s creativity, and give them the space they need to be curious, make mistakes, and seek their own understanding.

Above all else, we have fun and encourage moments of joy - just the way childhood should be.

Our people

We are proud to introduce our Kiddywinkles’ Team who are here to help and partner with you throughout your child’s pre-school journey.