Chances are, what matters to you, matters to us too! Here is some key info about what it means to be a part of the Kiddywinkles community.
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Kia ora

Finding a place where you can trust your child will be safe, well-nurtured and loved can feel like a daunting process. We believe the best way to make a decision is to come in and experience our centre for yourself! You’ll have a chance to meet our qualified teachers and friendly staff, view our safe play areas, and experience the ‘Kiddywinkles difference’ first hand. In the meantime, we’ve put together some helpful information here that tells you a little more about what you can expect.

Operating Hours

To better cater to busy schedules, our operating hours are from 7:00 am – 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

We are open all year, except for public holidays. You can choose from full days, half days and school-hour days or kindy sessions to suit your schedule or preferences.

You’re always in the loop

Our relationships with parents and whanau are incredibly important to us - and to your child’s learning and development. Maintaining a culture of trust, respect and warmth helps support your child’s social ability and emotional well-being. To keep you connected with your child’s daily experiences, we capture their progress through beautiful portfolios (both hard copy and online), daily diaries and centre newsletters. Your child’s creations will also proudly feature throughout our centre on our walls and display stations. You’re also free to join us at any time of the day!

Our team is approachable and accessible to chat through daily news, recommendations or progress, and our on-site owner maintains a close connection to our centre community. As well as emails, phone calls, newsletters and informal conversations, we’ll also provide more formal opportunities throughout the year to discuss your child’s progress and celebrate their development.

Getting started

Some take it all in their stride… some take a little more coaxing… and for some there’ll be plenty of tears. And we’re just talking about the parents! Worry, guilt and concern are normal feelings, and it’s our aim to give you the support you need so you feel comfortable and confident that your child is happy in their new routine. As for your child, they may also be anxious or excited. Our experienced, loving staff know just what it takes to ensure each child feels safe, welcome and settled.

It’s not long before their excitement around learning and playing takes over any feelings of uncertainty. Soon, they’ll have wonderful friends in both their peers, and their teachers. Our promise to you is to always keep in touch regularly during the settling period, and we welcome you to check in with us anytime you need reassurance.

Some tips to consider before visiting us:

  • Talk to your child about preschool - the fun things they’ll do, and the friends they’ll make!
  • Let them choose a bag to put their belongings in.
  • Explain that it is a special place for children to play while mums and dads are dealing with jobs or tasks and that you will always come back to collect them and see all the fun they have been having.
  • Visit us together and get to know the teachers and staff prior to their starting day. Letting your child move away from you to play during these visits is positive, so encourage them to explore if they are ready.
  • Fill in the ‘All About Me’ form so we can develop a more personal relationship with your child, understanding their interests and what helps to make them comfortable. Let us know of any routines that you currently have for your child. We will try to keep your child’s routine as similar as possible within our setting where we can. We encourage communication both from teachers to parents and from parents to teachers to ensure that together, we are providing the very best for your child.


Our fees vary according to sessions chosen and age. We provide 20 hours free ECE per week for children over three years of age. Nappies and food are included for any sessions over 4 hours (formula is to be provided by parents). 

If you would like to know more about our fees and services, please contact us directly.

Tailored Options
Full day (7am-6pm)
Full week (7am - 6pm)
School Day: (8.30am -3.30pm)
Half Day: (7am-12.15pm or 12.45pm-6pm)
Under 3's
There are many options available to suit your busy schedule. Choose the times that works best for you and we will provide the fee cost promptly.
Over 3's
Tailored Options Under 3's
Full day (7am-6pm)
Full week (7am - 6pm)
School Day: (8.30am -3.30pm)
Half Day: (7am-12.15pm or 12.45pm-6pm)
Kindy Day: (8am-12pm or 1pm-5pm)
Tailored Options Over 3's
Full day (7am-6pm)
Full week (7am - 6pm)
School Day: (8.30am -3.30pm)
Half Day: (7am-12.15pm or 12.45pm-6pm)
Kindy Day: (8am-12pm or 1pm-5pm)
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What to bring

Your child is here to have FUN! That means getting active and experimenting with different materials - which also means…getting messy! Aprons are supplied for children to wear, however paint and water has a tendency of finding its way onto all sorts of places, so our advice is to leave the best clothes at home so your child has the freedom to play and explore.

Please label all belongings clearly and pack their bag with:

Under 2 Children

  • Prepared formula or breast milk
  • Sunhat in summer, warm clothes and winter hat in winter
  • Change of clothes

All Children

  • Plenty of changes of clothing (3), especially when toilet training.
  • A summer/winter hat

More helpful info

Food and Nutrition

Healthy bodies, healthy minds! Providing nourishing food is our priority, and with an on-site cook we take care of healthy meals for all children. Food and drink is served at regular intervals, with variety and quality, while nurturing habits that promote healthy behaviours with food.

Read our Food and Nutrition, Food safety Policy

Accident/ Illness Policy

Your child’s safety and wellbeing while at our centre is always paramount. Signs of illness or discomfort are treated with precaution. In the event of a child being sick he/she will be isolated in the centre’s office away from other children to minimise the risk of spreading the illness, and shall be excluded from attendance at the centre until they are back in good health.

Read our Accident/ Illness Policy

Transitions policy

Transition between rooms, and from preschoolto primary school, only takes place through consultation with you around your child’s readiness. Our team will keep you updated on your child’s development,and arrange a time with discuss progression when appropriate.

Read our Transitions policy