A student-focused early childhood education centre where children enjoy self-directed, experiential learning that grows their confidence

About Us

Kiddywinkles is the new name for Just Kidz Westgate. Building on our reputation as one of the best early learning centres out West, our goal is to become one of the best early childhood education centres in New Zealand. Led by Allen Court, the Kiddywinkles team reflects the cultural diversity of Auckland. Our strong base of fully qualified teachers ensures quality learning outcomes along with a deeply-felt devotion to the happiness, wellbeing and learning success of pre-schoolers.

Our Philosophies

The principles that guide us are drawn from Reggio Emilia and Pikler. Reggio Emilia is an educational philosophy that embraces self-directed learning through experiences. It upholds the principles of respect, responsibility and community through a self-guided curriculum, so every child is involved with shaping their own learning path. Pikler is a philosophy that is particularly relevant to very young children. It focuses on tender care moments, naturally-paced motor development, free movement and uninterrupted play.

Inspiring young minds

Our Daycare

Children attending Kiddywinkles play and learn in a room that’s especially for their age group. Arohanui, our room for under-twos, is where infants and toddlers can safely develop their motor, language and thinking skills. The Waiata room for two-year-olds is a flexible space with multiple age-appropriate challenges and learning opportunities. In Wairua, our room for three-year-olds, space and equipment assists learning of increasingly-complex concepts and skills. For four-year-olds, our Korero room helps to lay a foundation for quick success at primary school

Our Childcare

At Kiddywinkles we guide children to learn about their world and how it works through exploration and interaction with the people, places and things that are meaningful to them. We also strongly believe that the social culture of a child’s early years sets their moral compass for life. The end of each year is marked with a ‘celebration of learning’ that everyone looks forward to.

While learning is self-directed at Kiddywinkles, our teachers have been trained to provide valuable opportunities for problem solving and critical thinking. To support progress in literacy, mathematics and science, they plan learning exercises that are appropriate for children’s emerging interests and abilities. Our curriculum embraces both English and Te Ao Māori.

Learning and development activities at Kiddywinkles daycare include:

  • Books, storytelling and language games
  • Music, movement and dance
  • Imagination play with puppets and costumes
  • Art play with dough, clay, paint and collage
  • Sport play with balls and equipment
  • Science play involving water, sand and nature
  • Brain play with maths games and computers
  • Construction play with junk and building materials
  • Fine motor skill play with puzzles, threading and blocks

Parent Info

Our operating hours are from 7:00 am – 6:00 pm Monday to Friday. We are open all year, except for public holidays. Session lengths include full days, half days and school days. Fees are age dependent and start from $40 for a full day for over 3s (including the 20 hour ECE subsidy).

If you are considering Kiddywinkles childcare as a learning centre for your pre-schooler, you’re invited to come and see our centre for yourself. And of course you should bring your child! Kiddywinkles’ most recent ERO report recognised our ability to create a nurturing environment where children feel at home and learn steadily.

“Children and families experience meaningful and trusting relationships with teachers. They are welcomed into a family-like environment where home and cultural beliefs and practices are affirmed and valued. Teachers gather useful information from parents to enhance children’s care and learning. As a result of these good practices, children have a strong sense of belonging and are settled in the centre.”

Our daycare centre is a provider of 20 hours free ECE for children 3-5 years old.

Once we know the best times for your child, we can immediately provide you with the weekly fees.

Parent Info

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