½ Day Childcare options – Our solution to your needs

July 27, 2020

Like so many families in NZ and in fact around the globe,changes are being made to the way we operate daily, in our work and persona lives.

As is the culture with Kiwis, we adapt to our new environment relatively quickly – but it is not easy!

Are you now working from home? Whilst you may no longer need to battle the traffic in your daily commute to the office, your dearly loved little children can become quite a distraction!

The novelty at first was fantastic. At home surrounded by all the comforts and your children with you all day.

Now, after a few months reality sinks in and you are plagued by thoughts such as …”I’ve got deadlines to complete with my work”, “my Boss is asking for urgent reports”

Can you feel a certain level of stress building? Your mind is consumed with …” How do I juggle parenting with work?”  There is no doubt about the fact that this is hard.

How would it feel to have your afternoons available again,to put in a solid six hours of non-interrupted work? I hear you sigh with relief - just the thought of that starts the stress draining away.

There are few Childcare Centres that offer half day options. Kiddywinkles does! We look at childcare from your perspective. We ask ourselves “how can we help you by making your life easier whilst at the same time providing your child with quality preschool learning in a safe and nurturing environment?”

Enrolling for ½ days sessions is simple.

1: Advise your preferred days and sessions

  Morning:   7.00am-12.15am

 Afternoon: 12.45pm -6.00 pm

2: Minimum: 2 half days per week.

It’s hard to put a value on quality, undisturbed work time,but our great rates will ensure you are not disappointed.

Email info@kiddywinkles.co.nz to receive more information and to book a visit.