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April 14, 2021

Having a young baby in your home is a wonderful experience. Seeing first smiles, little giggles and first time experiences… priceless.

You would never want to trade such experiences, however sometimes the demands on you with a little one can leave you feeling exhausted.


This is entirely natural. In addition to exhaustion, you may have a little guilt creeping in where you know family finances are tight and you really need to get back to work.

Kiddywinkles are here to support you, to help give you back some precious time whilst also giving you that peace of mind your child is safe and well cared for.

Choose from half days to full days - we are here to support you.

Our team of fully qualified teachers in our Under twos room are trained with babies, know how to provide love, support and nurture through the Rie Pikler philosophy.



The Pikler approach is based on a kind and respectful relationship between an adult and infant, through tender care moments, a naturally paced motor development, free movement and uninterrupted play.


Kiddywinkles has become known as a centre of quality. We are proud to offer a centre where children, parents and teachers really do come first.

Our testimonials tell the story - repeated positive messages about the love and belonging all children and parents feel when they become a part of the Kiddywinkles' whanau.

Our reputation is such that parents are enrolling their child with us before their child has been born!

Limited spaced do become available as our older children transition to school.

We have opened up enrolments for June - book a visit now and I will personally show you through our centre, introduce you to our wonderful teachers and answer any questions you may have.

My very best


Kiddywinkles Owner


Email info@kiddywinkles.co.nz toreceive more information and to book a visit.

家中有小宝会给整个家庭增添许多不同的乐趣。见证他们露出的第一个微笑,听着他们欢声笑语,小宝宝们所有的第一次成长都是… 无价的。








在两岁以下的班级团队里,我们拥有许多幼教资格证的老师们。专业的老师团队拥有足够的经验和熟知Rie Pikler教育理念知识给您的孩子提供一个有爱且帮助他们成长的养育空间。




















了解更多资讯和详情请发送邮件至 info@kiddywinkles.co.nz ,快来和我们预约时间来参观一下吧。